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Yes, now you too be like Michael Knight and have the voice of Kitt guide your way. (Minus turbo boost, unfortunately)

With the Mio’s Knight Rider GPS you can have Kitt guide you to your desired location.

Check out this video of the GPS in action!

-From Engadget

Drunken fun ensues! Check out this old apple ad with Jeff Goldblum.

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If you are into anime then you should make sure to check out the source of anime, Manga! Before an anime like Naturo or Dragonball
was an anime series, they both started as mangas. Mangas are a bit diffferent then Western somics here as they are usually black and white and are read right to left.
A sample of what you can find at

Some Manga that I recommend are:

One Piece


Rurouni Kenshin (much better WITHOUT the anime filler episodes 😉

Check out OneManga!