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After couple years of faithful service, I decided to sell my old Compaq laptop computer.I decided to sell it on E-Bay even though I had issues in the past with online autions. I posted it for 10 days with a decent price and finally got a sale!

So I proceed to prepare the laptop for sale when I find out that the “buyer” is in the UK.

I was concerned and warned the buyer:

Dear (deleted),

The shipping cost for this item is very high to your location. ($180

I need to insure the item as well to protect my self. I think
it may be better if you get a laptop from a local seller.

I then got this response….

Why are you delay the shipment,i had the payment while you should have ship the item to the destination address. Failure to do this i will contact pay pal and eBay for the Legal Action against you.


Perhaps the buyer didn’t understand…. (and what’s up with that grammar?)

So I respond…

I was just trying to warn you that the costs to ship to your location
are very high. So high they are that it’s better for you to buy a
computer locally. This item was only really meant to ship to the
Canada or the US. If you still want the laptop, it going to be 500
plus 246.89 for shipping. I am willing to cancel this bid because
the cost of this item is not fair to you as you can get this item much
cheaper locally

Estimate from Purolator:

Package: Express Pack
Province Ontario
Country Canada
Postal Code M1W-2P1
City East Sussex
Country United Kingdom
Purolator Express Pack International
Base Cost $ 219.95
Fuel Surcharge $ 26.94
Total Cost:$ 246.89

Another thing it’d like to mention is that the power adapter for this
item will not work in the UK with out another adapter for UK power
outlets. It’s really in your best interest to go to a local seller.

I really think that it is best that you buy locally as you can get a
better price for a laptop of equal value.

I will cancel the order.

So I figure that after this, the user would surely decide that this was not worth it and try a local seller for a cheaper laptop….

The buyer’s response….

What the hell you say,i had made am extra payment for the shipping cost to West Africa to your pay pal account with total amount of $150.00 and you are tell .me that you won’t ship my item. It would okay for you to get the item ship out now with the money, Failure to do this i will just contact FBI and get them your address.

Wait a sec …. How did he get to West Africa? and I didn’t see anything in my Paypal account… and what’s up with that grammar!?!?!! Yep it’s one of those Nigerian Ebay scams…..

Wow the FBI is gonna get involved ahh? Riiiiight….

Let’s have some fun…

Nice try buddy you don’t even know what scam you are running

Did you forget you want me to ship that item here?

(buyer’s orginal requested shipping address in the UK)

Sorry you can’t keep your scams straight. Try again with someone else please

Buyer’s response….

Then what that mean to me , Jut get the item out to the Nigeria address and get back to me with the shipment reference number. Failure to do it i will just contact police and give them your address.


hehehe He’s so friendly when he’s threating me..
Always saying Cheers 🙂 hehehehe

Well to to sum things up, he gave up after he figured out that I was on to him and EBay refunded my money.

So here are some hints for you when selling on EBay

1. Never deal with people who claim they sent money via Paypal but really did not. Always log into you own PayPal account and verify the payment. NEVER trust email links to PayPal

2. NEVER ship to unconfirmed addresses. Especially to Nigeria 🙂

3. Never EVER ship to people who have issues with basic English grammar or spelling.

The sad thing is this is the third online scam that I have seen trying to sell this laptop….


I think I need to get an ad in a newspaper.

You know, Nintendo puts a warning at the start Wii Sports warning you about putting on your strap.

Simple right? Yet people still forget for some reason….

Click below for video goodness!

From WiiFanboy

Ok this story funny / scary. As cool as GPS is using it for the purpose of stopping athletes from doping is just stupid. Seriously… This is a big invasion of privacy not to mention the fact that it won’t do a darn thing. I’m pretty sure you can get the injection just about anywhere.

Try again please….. ^^;

From Slashdot