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Nintendo has finally updated the Wii so that you can use your USB keyboard everywhere including, (Finally) the Internet channel. Just update your Wii and then also update the Internet Channel via WiiWare

Engadget – Extended Wii keyboard support

BTW my Wii code is:

2757 4494 4762 4461

Anyone who knows me well knows that I HATE CLOWS!! They freak me right the hell out!!
. Check out this YouTube clip of a man who shares my phobia!

Here is some more proof that Clowns are evil incarnate!

Coulrophobia: The Feel of clowns- Wikipedia
Wikipedia entry on Evil Clowns!
Pictures of evil clowns! – (ya ya I know….) – ’nuff said

The Devil-pictured here

Ever wonder what happened to Godzilla after they started using CG instead of rubber suits?

Also check out what happened to Mario and Soundwave

This comic displays my feeling on how deeply Michael Bay has SCARRED me with this movie. Definetly funny if you feel the same.

VG Cats: Transformers