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Calvin and Hobbes was the reason I still read the comics on Saturday for the longest time. The imagination and humour of those strips made this then made it a classic.

Below is a link to a compilation of 25 Calvin and Hobbes comics that stand out among the 10 year run of this strip

The Best 25 Calvin and Hobbes Comics!.

It is projects like this one that make me I was more technically inclined. This person has set up a water gun with a motion detection camera. Let the fun begin!

Hack a Day: Waterhobo

Are you missing your favorite shows because of bad timing? Want to catch up on a favorite show? The Internet can be your personal VCR! Check out this Lifehacker article about 6 ways you can use the Internet to get your favorite shows online. Miro is my personal favorite. Lifehacker: 6 Ways to Catch your favorite shows

Ever wonder what would happen if Star Wars took place in the Simpsons universe?
…. well OK maybe you have not but check out funny this Simpsons / Star Wars parody