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A classic video on internets… FPS Doug

This is only a part of the crazyness that is Pure Pwnage.

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Check out this funny and well done flash video about a squirrel uprising to free acorns from an evil corporation!

The Nut Job!

I got a call from my uncle one day claiming that he could not log on to his computer. Easy fix, I thought to myself, as I logged on to the Admin account and reset the passwords for both the admin and his own account. However, my heart sank as I found out that despite writing out both passwords correctly I was UNABLE TO LOG ON TO EITHER ACCOUNT!

I searched on the net and tried out various methods for hours with no success. I was about to reload his system when I decided to try the Windows XP CD Repair method.

The short version of this method is:
1. Start a Windows XP repair.
2. After the second stage of the repair, look out for the “Installing Devices” message in the lower right hand corner. Press Shift-F10
3. You now have a admin level command line! Type “control userpasswords2” to get access to reset the passwords!

This method finally got me into his system to reset the account passwords. It saved me a world of trouble.

Detailed Instructions of the Windows XP Method CD Repair

    The methods that did NOT work for me:

Offline NT Password and Registry Editor

Ophcrack Live CD

In 2005, DARPA put on a race to see if robots could traverse a long, rough desert track with no user intervention called the DARPA Grand Challenge. The last time I saw this race, the robots could not even finish a quarter of the course. However, The challengers have learned from the past and have improved their methods. Check out this great documentary on the difficulties the competitors faced!

View the online documentary on the site!

This video of the best Street Fighter fight I have ever seen. Filmed at EVO 2004 between to gamers named Justin and Daigo.

Check out this FFXI comic made by VGCATS, a great online comic!

VGCats: Final Fantasy XI Comics

This cat needs to be exorcised… seriously….

Evil Cat!

I get a lot of mail… and it builds up over time… My inbox at work always appears to have at least 100 items in it. However, I sometimes go to some user’s desks and find that they have very little or nothing in their inbox. They had a system that they stuck to and I have decided to do the same.

Recently Meriln Mann (an productivity blogger) did a talk at the Google Campus about managing your inbox with these 5 options:
– Delete or Archive
– Defer
– Delegate
– Do
– Respond

This is an amazing talk and your should take some time to check it out.

Google Video of “Inbox Zero” Talk

Merlin Mann’s “Inbox Zero” site on