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If you are into anime then you should make sure to check out the source of anime, Manga! Before an anime like Naturo or Dragonball
was an anime series, they both started as mangas. Mangas are a bit diffferent then Western somics here as they are usually black and white and are read right to left.
A sample of what you can find at

Some Manga that I recommend are:

One Piece


Rurouni Kenshin (much better WITHOUT the anime filler episodes 😉

Check out OneManga!

Yes its true! You can get get a taste of some anime on Joost, the new Internet video kid on the block. There are only 4 animes on the Joost Gong channel at the moment:
Cosmic Warrior Zero
Gun Frontier
Ikki Tousen
It is a small start but at least it is a start. Lets hope that this opens the door for more anime on Joost!
Want an invite to Joost? Send an e-mail with the subject ‘Joost invite’ to d0pegr00ve(at)gmail.c0m (0=o)