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Check out this recent question on Wow, I am old!

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Check out this video on YouTube:

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Check out this great Lego MindStorms build! Makes me want to blow the
dust off of my own Lego set!

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Any geek worth his / her salt read Mad Magazine as a kid. One of the best parts as was the back of the magazine where you could fold in the sides to reveal the hidden message on the page.


The New York Times online has put up some vintage fold-ins in flash so that you can fold them on screen!

Check em out!

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This is a picture of my Programs Menu.


Scary huh?

Well I do not worry about it any more because of a program I was turned onto called Launchy. Launchy allows me navigate my programs and files with just a few keystrokes.

If I want to run a program, I just hit my hot key ( default is alt – space ), start to type in the name of the program and in a flash I have it!


I love this program! There are also all sorts of plugins to allow it to interact with Internet and other programs. It is now on my USB key and it is the FIRST thing that I install on any computer I work with.

Check it out at